The York Hotel, New Delhi

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So it finally happened, I got screwed. When I checked in to the York Hotel, New Delhi, I was given a rate of 1450 rupees. When I checked out, they rate had increased by a whooping 50% to 2200 rupees. When I protested they called the security guard, who physically threatened me. Having to leave to catch my friends for our trip south I caved in and got robbed of some $40 this way (I stayed for two days). This is the York Hotel, New Delhi, sometimes also the Hotel York, New Delhi, in Connaught Place. I should have read Trip Advisor's comments on this robber's den. I'm still surprised that this hotel is listed in the Lonely Planet guide to India.

Fortunately, it is now off to Agra and Taj Mahal, with Patrick and Patricia, and Todd.

PS: I just did an experiment; I called them up and was given a rate of 1490 rupees (about $30) on the phone. I then used a website to inquire for a rate and was asked to pay $60. What I had actually been charged after the rate increase was about $50 per day (the 2200 rupees). Nobody can't say this hotel isn't flexible.

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