Malaysia, Day 4: KL and Cyberjaya

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I checked in into a Hotel in busy Chinatown. I didn't get to see much of Chinatown or Kuala Lumpur (KL) today, however. Rather I went to see Ian who will leave to Melaka for the weekend so there won't be much chance to see him later. Ian is a lecturer at the Multi-Media University (MMU) which is part of the Mult-Media Super Corridor (MSC). (*)

MMU is located in Cyberjaya which lies next to Putrajaya which means that it is an artifical city outside KL that takes a while to get to. I hopped on a bus that brought me there in little under an hour, at speeds of around 100 km/h. Felt like a rollercoaster ride, but maybe the driver was just in a good mood. At some point of time the music confused me, until I realized that it was shortly after 4:30pm and the Muezzin was singing out the prayer through the radio.

Ian showed me around and gave me some lectures in recent Malaysian history. (Thanks Ian!) Together with friends of Ian we undertook an evening "Jungle Jog" in the jungle-style forest in front of MMU. In fact, in the middle of the forest, it felt like jungle, or what I understand of it. But there are more impressions waiting for me down the road! (See Taman Negara national park.) Later we had dinner at a local hawker stall, which was good. I haven't had any problems with food yet.

Weather is warm and humid, with occassional rain clearing up the sky. Quite enjoyable.

(*) If you wonder over the number and use of capital M's in Malaysian abbreviations, you are not the alone.

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