Einmal Apple Zimt, please

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Berlin is plastered with Dunkin' Donuts, much like Malaysia is plastered with KFC's. (And the world is plastered with Starbucks, of course.) If you don't know Dunkin' Donuts, you are probably from the Westcoast or Klein-Wülferode, Niedersachsen: They are a fast food chain that provides you with simple donuts and coffee. ("Dough nut", that is, fried dough in a round form, much like a sweet bagel but not as dense.)

This morning after a medical routine checkup with excellent results I figured I could afford some overly sweet, honey-glazed, fat-dripping and generally unhealthy donut from Dunkin'. I went into the next store and scanned the display.

My eyes quickly zeroed in on an "Apple Zimt" donut. I first thought this was Dunkin' Donuts' contribution to healing the transatlantic relationship, but then reality kicked in and I figured they probably couldn't care less. Rather, they must have felt that German consumers know that Apple translates to Apfel but probably have no clue what Cinnamon, the English word for the German "Zimt", might mean. So they left the first part of Apple Cinnamon in English and translated the second part. Long live pragmatism!

PS: Make a guess how much it was for the Apple Zimt donut. No, seriously, make a guess...

Well, I'll tell you. I paid €1.10. At today's exchange rage that would be about $1.50. Last time I bought a Dunkin' Donut in the United States (still in 2004), it was ¢45, if I recall it correctly. I must be dough nuts.

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