Malaysia, Day 21: Beachy German-Land

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After some travel travails (trouvailles? Pardon my French...) I arrived on the larger one of the Perenthian Islands. It is truly as described in the marketing brochures. Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches (and some rocky ones), and lush green rainforest. I jumped right into the ocean, a few steps away from my chalet, almost falling over a 1m long iguana that insisted on having right of way.

I'm also back in German-Land, as many of my fellow resort tourists are German. Actually, there are a few Swiss Germans present, so it is German-Speaking-Land. Fortunately, the local people don't speak German at all (as they do in the popular European tourist resorts). This leaves me with at least a little of far-away vacation romantics. Yet, after weeks of poor English, it is nice to speak German again.

Picking the resort had been difficult. I had hoped I could just take a boat to the islands, take a look at the resorts, and decide then. Unfortunately, I had to make my choice on land. I picked the largest and most expensive one to avoid further trouble. Turned out, even the largest one did not have a working phone line to my room (nor did laundry service, nor did the TV work). But maybe I should take that word "holiday" more serious...

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