New England Cheese Fondue

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This is a recipe to create a cost-effective cheese fondue in New England. I first have to apologize to all rechtschaffene Swiss people, but I'm a poor student, so I make do with what I can buy locally (and cheaply).

The following is a recipe for a 4 person cheese fondue. Amount of ingredients can be adapted linearly. The mixing procedure is the same as in a traditional cheese fondue, however, for the New England cheese fondue, use the following ingredients:

Traditional Cheese Fondue New England Cheese Fondue
750g Gruyere 750g Cheddar
250g Appenzeller 250g Jarlsberg
1dl Kirsch 1dl Kirsch if you can get it, otherwise experiment!
Maismehl (Maizena) Corn starch
Knoblauch Garlic
Weisswein White wine

The New England Cheese Fondue has been superceded by the Wild West Cheese Fondue.

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