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And now for something completely different---another Patriot Taxi experience!

When I got down to catch the cab for the airport, it was already waiting. "You are 25 minutes late," the cab driver complained, jumping out of the car, "I'm off hours already, and I want to go home."

My newly bought roll-a-board got its first flying lesson, straight into the trunk of the cab. "Come on, " the cab driver urged me, "we gotta go."

"Cool," I thought, "I'll be at the airport in no time."

Once inside the cab, the driver speed up quickly. With tires and breaks screeching, the cab driver's mood improved considerably.

"You know I want to be home fast," he said. "Today is Friday 13th, and it is full moon. That's when people snap and there'll be werewolves."

"Uhh," I thought, "what an interesting person." And answered: "But Friday 13th is a lucky number for some."

"True," he repeated, "but it's full moon, and I just don't wanna be out there. People snap. You shouldn't be out there too."

"Well," I offered, "I'm going to Minneapolis, maybe it's not a problem there."

"Yeah," he added after thoughtful consideration, "they probably don't have full moon there."

Stunned by his ingenuity, I kept listening. He went on and on, while I watched the rather interesting path he took me to the airport. Suffice it to say that I had never seen these parts of Boston before.

Close to the airport, he started talking about music. "You know, the best Rock and Roll band on earth is German." He insisted: "You do know their name, don't you?" I had a hunch and answered, "the Scorpions?" which satisfied him: "They are really great," he added.

At this time, the music on the radio switched to a Britney Spears song ("I'm not innocent anymore," I think). "Oh, I love her too," he exclaimed, "I hated that song, but when I saw the video... oh man, is that a great song! I'm her biggest fan!"

Shortly after this remarkable confession, we reached the terminal and I got off the car.

In all earnest, I enjoyed this ride. I'll stay true to Patriot Taxi forever, at least as long as they provide such inspiring drivers.

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