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On the morning of July 4, 2003, I ran out of coffee. I got into my car, drove to the nearest Peet's Coffee Shop, and got a cup of Cappucino. On my way home it occurred to me that not everyone might consider this natural behavior, so I started thinking about what else may be different about California. Here is my first take:

You know you are living in California if

  • your workout consists of Yoga and running
  • you think long pleated pants go naturally with sandals
  • you think STOP signs in your driveway are alright
  • you talk a lot about "giving back to the community"

There are various versions about how "giving back to the community" is extended with a but clause. You talk a lot about "giving back to the community" but

  • you have all your money stashed away in an off-shore tax haven (Republican version)
  • on Christmas eve, you get into a fight over a slot at a prestigious charity (Democrats version)

More to come, stay tuned!

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