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It is our great pleasure to welcome you to the 2nd International Symposium on Wikis --- WikiSym 2006. As its name suggests, this is the second meeting of the academic community of research, practice, and use that has built up around lightweight editable web sites. Growing from Ward Cunningham's original wiki --- the Portland Pattern Repository ---up to Wikipedia, one of the largest sites on the Web (over 1.2 million pages in English alone at time of writing), wikis are rapidly becoming commonplace in the experience of millions of people every day. The Wiki Symposium exists to report new developments in wiki technology, to describe the state of practice, and to reflect on that experience.

The call for papers for this year's symposium attracted 27 submissions of research papers and practitioner reports, on a wide variety of topics. Ten research papers and one practitioner report were accepted by the symposium programme committee and to be presented at the symposium: These presentations will make up the symposiums' technical programme. Every submitted paper was reviewed by at least three members of the programme committee; while papers submitted by committee members were reviewed by at least four committee members who had not themselves submitted papers to the symposium.

The symposium proceedings also include abstracts for the keynote talks, panels, workshops, and demonstrations to provide a record of the whole of the symposium as well as an interview with Angela Beesley, the opening keynoter, on the topic of her talk.

This year's WikiSym is of course a team effort. We'd particularly like to thank every author who submitted a paper to the symposium; the programme committee and additional reviewers who carefully considered them, and of course the chairs of the various sections of the conference (listed in the proceedings). But although this has been an effort, it has also been an enjoyable one, so we hope you enjoy attending the Symposium and meeting and interacting with the speakers and participants as much as we did in putting this together!

Dirk Riehle
WikiSym 2006 General Chair
SAP Research, United States

James Noble
WikiSym 2006 Programme Chair
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


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