Design and Implementation of the Java Any Framework

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This report describes the design and implementation of the Java Any framework, an object-oriented framework for self-describing data types. The framework classes let developers flexibly represent any data structure, from primitive value types to full-fledged object graphs. The framework provides abstractions that cover primitive value types, abstractions that repre-sent common collection types, and abstractions that cover general object types (called frames). Frames come with their meta-description so that users can introduce their own object types.

Patrizia Marsura and Dirk Riehle. Design and Implementation of the Java Any Framework. Ubilab Technical Report 98.5.1. Zurich, Switzerland: UBS, 1998.

The report is available as a PDF file.

The source code is also available as jany-09.tar.gz.

Copyright (©) 1998 Patrizia Marsura, Dirk Riehle, and UBS AG. All rights reserved.

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