Design of a Smalltalk Framework for the Tools and Materials Metaphor

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The Tools and Materials Metaphor is a design methodology for interactive software systems. It supports developers with both metaphors on how to interpret and understand an application domain as well as concrete techniques on how to actually construct systems according to the metaphors. The construction process is best supported by an application framework that captures those parts of the metaphors that can be formalized as reusable abstract classes. We have implemented such a framework for the Tools and Materials Metaphor in Smalltalk.

Dirk Riehle, Bruno Schäffer and Martin Schnyder. "Design of a Smalltalk Framework for the Tools and Materials Metaphor." Informatik/Informatique (February 1996): 20-22.

You might wish to take a look at the accompanying 60 pages technical report that elaborates much of the details omitted in this paper.

The paper is available as a PDF file.

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