Subjectivity in Object-Oriented Systems

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The Tools and Materials Metaphor is a design methodology used to develop interactive software systems for skilled human work. One of its key concepts spanning the activities from analysis to design and implementation is the distinction of tool and material objects which are coupled using aspect classes. Subjectivity in system's design is acknowledged both on the software design level through the use of aspect classes and on the process level by a participatory and evolutionary approach. Several industrial and research systems have been built. [...] This position paper highlights some of our techniques of dealing with the problems on a software design level. It introduces a technique for automatic interface adaptations to new contexts. Finally, it points out which questions are currently most interesting for us so that they might be used as a starting point for focussed discussion at the workshop.

Dirk Riehle and Dirk Bäumer. "Subjectivity in Object-Oriented Systems." Position Paper for OOPSLA '95 Workshop 32 on Subjectivity in Object-Oriented Systems.

A summary of the workshop appeared as: William Harrison, Harold Ossher, and Hafedh Mili. "Subjectivity in Object-Oriented Systems, Workshop Summary." OOPSLA '95, Addendum to the Proceedings. OOPS Messenger 6, 4 (October 1995): 117-122.

The paper is available as a plain text file.

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