Final day in New Delhi

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I'm writing most of this blog about my India travel on my last day in New Delhi, sipping a coffee at the Cafe Coffee Day. I'm cutting my vacation short for a variety of reasons, not the least one being missing Gesa and having to prepare my move back to California. Today, I'll do some shopping, get some reading material for the flight, and then call it a vacation.

Later, on my way to the airport, India got through to me one more time: I was about to complain to the cab driver that this wasn't the right direction to the International Airport when he pulled into a dimly lit alleyway and told me that we would have to change cars now. Boy, did my stomach do flip-flops in reaction to this news. I almost ran away. His argument: To be allowed into the airport, you need to use a registered cab, and he had picked me up in his private car. Fortunately, this was a cab driver the rather upscale hotel had organized, so I decided to comply. I did SMS the new car's license plate number to Gesa though and told the driver about it. Since you are reading these lines you can guess that everything worked out well.

It was an intense and at times stressful vacation, because of the hot and humid weather, as well as the touts who can make your life miserable. However, Gauri and Rahul's wedding as well as experiencing a glimpse of India was incredibly enriching and something I would would not have wanted to miss.

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